Every day for the last 45+ years, we’ve been finding ways to revolutionize the transportation and logistics industry. Building and implementing easy to use software and providing expertise that makes supply chains hum. Taking complex logistics challenges and turning them into advantageous solutions. Capturing and utilizing mountains of data to uncover inefficiencies, reduce risks, and move supply chains faster than ever.

There is no end to the power of data

The business world is abuzz with the possibilities of big data. With Navegate, you get the technology that captures your data and the people who know data–where to find it and what to do with it. Tap in to the power and watch your supply chain get faster, smarter, and more flexible.

True visibility is mission critical

You can’t change what you can’t see. No matter where your freight is, anywhere around the globe, Navegate gives you real-time access to all points along your supply chain, plus P.O. and cargo details at your fingertips for easy reference. Imagine acting proactively to help avoid costly chargebacks and delays, or time stuck in customs.

Micro-Customization - About Navegate Software

Micro-customization should be the standard

No cookie cutters here. That would bore us to tears. Your business is unique, your goals are big. Why settle for a system that only gets you part-way there? Navegate’s smart platform is built around your business, configured based on your needs, and we can’t wait to make sense of the endless data just waiting to benefit your business.

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Information sharing makes everyone happy

Your business needs to keep moving forward, fast. When software doesn’t integrate it wastes time and frustrates your people. Navegate’s platform is continually updated and improved, to make sure we can keep you and your freight moving, better, faster, and with more precision and control.

Investing in technology & people pays dividends

Because we built our global trade management (GTM) platform from scratch, we know it inside and out. We know investing in technology, equipment, and people is key to moving forward, faster. We like to stay ahead of the crowd, and our customer success teams know you do, too.

Success means better business for all

Every single day, we ask ourselves,”What’s next?” Our inquisitive nature drives us to continually improve our technology, seek ways to integrate and streamline our processes, analyze and leverage data to identify opportunities, and get better at what we love to do: create supply chain success for our customers.

A True Technology Pioneer

Since our first global transportation management software (TMS) was launched more than 35 years ago, Navegate has been committed to leading the industry in software development. We create tools that integrate seamlessly with other systems and software, and continually improve our platform in order to meet the ever-changing needs of transportation logistics and supply chain management. On Inbound Logistics’ Top 100 List of IT Providers for the last three years* in a row, Navegate is a full-service provider of global transportation and third party logistics (3PL). With 240 employees, including carriers and supply chain professionals, and $60 million in revenue, Navegate is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, with six offices world wide.

*2015, 2014, and 2013, Inbound Logistics

Our Story

Our story began in 1969 in a midwestern U.S. town, when a software company teamed up with North Star International logistics on a cutting-edge project. Together, they built a powerful, flexible software platform to automate transportation management for a key global customer, and combined their expertise to offer the software along with freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and global logistics services. Later, through acquisition we bolstered our domestic logistics and transportation services, providing domestic transportation expertise and a carrier network. By 2014, the merger had created combination of technology, international, and domestic products/services meant that we had grown into a powerhouse third party logistics (3PL) provider, and we chose adopt the moniker of the software that started it all: Navegate.


Add expertise to your team. The human kind.

It’s time to get strategic with your supply chain. We help you make the most out of the mountains of data you can analyze to pinpoint inefficiencies, spot redundancies, make carrier changes, and more. All in real time, with the goal of making your supply chain the competitive edge you didn’t even know you had.