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Door to door across North America.

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Navegate offers a dedicated fleet of containers to give shippers an efficient alternative to trucking throughout North America. When over-the-road capacity is hard to find, adding intermodal transportation can give you endless possibilities for safe and cost-effective delivery.

Get 24/7 visibility to your containers

Our proprietary software offers tracking and tracing in real time for intermodal shipments. So you can feel confident that you’re in control of your freight from door to door.

Find the right container size

Choose from 20-, 40-, 48- or 53-foot containers. Navegate’s dedicated fleet of shipping containers and trailers, in various sizes for your convenience, make it easy and efficient for you to ship with us.

Reliable delivery at an efficient cost

Shipping by container can be an efficient alternative to truckload services. Navegate helps you choose the best mode for your money, and our technology ensures that our intermodal shipping services are as trackable as anything over-the-road.

Add intermodal to your mix

Sometimes a multi-modal solution is best for your freight. Look to Navegate’s logistics experts to help you determine the best modes for shipments, making sure to consider the reliable delivery times that intermodal can provide.


Mix it up with intermodal. Let us surprise you with options.

Make sure your shipments are on the right track. We’re here and ready to take on your challenges. Together, let’s decide if intermodal is an efficient option for your freight, for part or all of your supply chain.