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Navegate’s dedicated logistics management team is here to handle your supply chain from end to end, coast to coast, and find ways to get you the competitive advantage you need in your business.

Gain Control & Increase Supply Chain Visibility

With solid logistics management support, you can maintain control and see every step along your entire supply chain. And, your account manager works with you, proactively solving problems and finding ways to make your supply chain even better.

Keep Your Supply Chain in Motion 24/7

Your supply chain never sleeps. No matter the time of day or night, Navegate’s technology connects with your carriers, vendors and suppliers, arranging shipments, updating orders, tracking and tracing in real-time, and more.

Secure Your Shipments with Warehouse Solutions

With warehouses, freight stations and logistics centers across the country, Navegate works with your business model to create reliable and secure solutions for your storage needs.

Plug into Navegate’s Powerful Technology.

Gain access to full visibility all along your supply chain, with all your vendors, suppliers, and carriers. Get customized dashboards and reports, a platform that integrates seamlessly with your business systems, plus secure data and analytics designed to move your supply chain to an all-new level.

Logistics Management - Powerful Technology

Let’s Get Moving

From carrier selection and quotes, to P.O. management, tracking and tracing, plus all the details on vendors, SKUs, compliance, and more, Navegate will get your freight moving. Just-in-time inventory planning, mode management, risk assessments, and more–your account manager is on board, working with you to analyze your data and offer innovative solutions to streamline your supply chain. So you can move your freight faster and more efficiently than ever.

Domestic freight management

We help get you access to quality carriers, no matter the shipment size or mode. Need special equipment, have oversized loads, or need assistance with small pack services? Consider it handled. Our in-house experts are here to help, with knowledge that crosses modes, borders, and shipment sizes.

Software customized to your business

Navegate helps you create a dashboard and reports that are unique to your business. Care about shipment quantities and SKUs, want information on carrier compliance, or need software that lets you upload related documents? We work with you to customize a system that highlights what you need to see, while giving you easy access to thousands of other data points to help you monitor your supply chain 24/7.

Integration with existing tools

Our proprietary platform was developed to play well with others. We continually monitor new software and business systems, to make sure that Navegate’s technology can seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use. Our logistics experts help you take it a step further, integrating accounting or other systems securely, and creating custom reports and data analysis to unleash the hidden potential in your supply chain.

Proactive problem-solving

We believe in catching problems before they impact your supply chain. Our logistics experts make it their business to prevent your business from costly delays, mishaps or accessorials. Custom reporting helps proactively manage your supply chain, improving speed to market, keeping costs down and managing risks.

Quotes and carrier selection

Navegate works with the most reliable carriers to help ensure your freight arrives on time, on temp, and undamaged. Carriers are carefully selected and continually monitored for quality control.

Customs brokerage

Navegate is a leader in customs brokerage, with more experts on staff than any other logistics company in the region. Paperwork is securely stored within our technology, so you can confirm and reference details any time.

Border crossing with ease

Cross the Mexico and Canada borders with ease. Our seasoned experts keep abreast of ever-changing rules, regulations and requirements, so your shipments won’t meet with unwelcome surprises at the border.

Compliance made easy

Your compliance specifications are defined within Navegate’s robust technology, requiring approval from all vendors before shipments can be requested. You see approvals in real time, so you can make your next move, fast.


Get Moving, Fast. We’re Always On Call.

Our midwestern work ethic is here to serve you. We can’t wait to get a chance to help you get a quote, move a shipment, or help solve a question about your supply chain.