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With 45+ years experience in cross-border transportation, Navegate helps you cross the Mexico and Canada borders fast. Find simple drayage and transloading options, plus the best in customs expertise, so you can cross any border without a hitch.

Get Peace of Mind with our Customs Specialists

Our licensed customs experts help you move freight across borders, safely and with confidence, because they do it day in and day out. They help you correctly classify your freight, know what paperwork needs to be done, and help you manage details so you’re well prepared at the border.

Access to U.S. Customs Bonded Trucks

Make your cross-border transportation faster and better than ever by using our U.S. Customs Bonded trucks and trailers to ship your cargo with authority across the Mexico border.

See Your Freight, Every Step of the Way

Whether your cargo is in the United States or across the border, Navegate’s robust software keeps you on top of your freight’s every move. In one user-friendly portal, you can access everything from your shipment’s P.O., to a confirmation of your vendor’s compliance, your carrier approvals, pick-ups and deliveries, and more.


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Our midwestern work ethic is here to serve you. We can’t wait to get a chance to help you get a quote, move a shipment, or help solve a question about your supply chain.