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See and manage your global supply chain with one powerful software solution

No more wondering whether your P.O. was received or customs was cleared. Navegate’s robust supply chain management software gives you visibility to your entire supply chain, including access to vendor and manufacturer compliance, delivery and pick-up confirmations, plus all your documents–from P.O.s and SKU info to customs filings, and much more.

Strategy Starts with Visibility

Seeing is knowing. When you use Navegate’s software to benchmark your activity and aggregate your data, you start to see patterns, uncover inefficiencies and understand risks. Open your eyes to a world of continuous improvements in your supply chain, strategically strengthening your business to give you a competitive edge.

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Master your Global Trade Compliance

Our state-of-the-art supply chain software helps you manage compliance and keep all your documents and records in one place. For U.S. Customs, our specialists are here to assist you, helping you file directly through Navegate’s software for your imports and exports. With 25+ years of experience in customs and international brokerage, they know how to move your valuable goods, faster and safer.

Skillfully Manage Your Orders and Providers

Navegate’s nimble software helps you manage your P.O.s and product info, integrating all your vendors, suppliers, manufacturers and carriers, so you have all the details of your orders, down to the SKU and unit level, anytime, anywhere. For just-in-time shipments, this information helps ensure you stay in stock and maintain profitable levels of production. By seeing everything in real time, you maintain control over every step in your supply chain.

Leverage Your Supply Chain Data

Somewhere between shipments and spreadsheets is solid gold. Our powerful software helps you understand your supply chain inside and out. Find inefficiencies, uncover poor carrier performance, and shift to more cost-effective shipping modes. Calculating total landed costs down to the unit can also help you implement a just-in-time shipping model, so you can better manage fluctuations in inventory and reduce overall costs.

Integration & Pricing

One day with our technology will open your eyes to exactly what’s happening with your freight and your business. Whether you use Navegate’s software for P.O. management or a single service, connect our system to your ERP, or utilize our full range of technology services including data and analysis, we’re here to get your supply chain moving, faster and smarter.

Set Up Your Software in Weeks, not Months

Our user-friendly software lets you easily integrate your business software and tools, set up your carriers, and connect to your providers. We design with connectivity in mind, so your business data and other imports can upload without need for excessive data entry. Our goal is to get you up to speed faster, so you see supply chain results sooner.

Plug and Play with Data from All Your Providers

We connect your custom site with your vendors, manufacturers, carriers, and everyone in your supply chain. Our secure site allows you to set unique logins and passwords, plus customize who sees what in your system. With all your providers entered into one platform, you see all your documents, actions and product info in one user-friendly portal. And, you eliminate endless emails and phone calls for updates.

Customize Our Software for Your Business

We start by building you a customized dashboard that highlights your most pressing data points, with easy access to the rest of your data. Then, we sync with your systems, seamlessly integrating your current ERP and other tools–even spreadsheets–with Navegate’s robust supply chain management software. We can also create custom reports and analytics, so you can get more strategic with your supply chain at every turn.

Get Smart Support from a Dedicated Team

Our proprietary, best-in-class software is as brilliant as the people who know its capabilities inside and out. Your dedicated team of account managers, plus customs and compliance specialists, works hard to understand the dynamics of your supply chain and provide innovative solutions based on data. With such power behind your ever-improving supply chain, you have time to focus on the brilliant future of your business.


We built it. We know what it can do for you.

Our software is indeed home-grown. More than 35¬†years ago, we built our first iteration for a demanding client who was tired of working with several systems and multiple touchpoints for their global supply chain. Today, we continue to improve and optimize our software. We simply can’t wait to show you all the ways it can make your supply chain faster and smarter than ever.